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(Divide all manuscript word counts by 250 to get the estimated page count)


Proofreading: $1 per page

Copyediting: $2 per page

Custom ebook covers: $50

Custom print wraparound covers: $80 (includes separate high-resolution ebook cover)

Ebook formatting: $40 and up, depending on manuscript length

Print formatting: 75¢ per page for basic fiction; $1.00 per page for more involved formatting, including nonfiction

Custom Blogger templates: $75 and up

Custom Wordpress themes: $75 and up

Wordpress-based websites: $150 and up

Custom static websites with integrated blog: $300 and up

Facebook timeline headers: $25

Business cards/postcards: $25

3D boxed set images: $40

Miscellaneous work is billed at $30 per hour







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