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Book Cover Design


They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that people do exactly that. We’ll work with you to create a cover that’s not only eye-catching but will help convey the essence of your book. Prices are $50 for single ebook covers and $80 for wraparound print covers (if you order a wraparound cover, you will also get a standalone lower-resolution ebook cover at no extra charge).


These prices do not include any stock image(s) you wish to use in your book cover design. If you need assistance with locating images, we can guide you to various sites where you can purchase stock images at reasonable prices.


Because of the extra formatting required for covers printed through Lightning Source, we charge a $25 processing fee for those files.

Book Interior Design & Layout


Typesetting is beginning to be rather a lost art, but here at Indie Author Services we believe in the beauty of the printed word. We’ll provide you with an interior design that will enhance your writing and will look professional, elegant, and clean. Charged at 75¢ per typeset page for fiction and $1.00 per typeset page for nonfiction that requires heavier formatting such as footnotes and images with captions.



Please note that Indie Author Services' focus is on fiction and narrative nonfiction book formatting. If your project requires complex tables, charts, and graphs, or has more than one or two images with captions per chapter, we strongly suggest that you look for a formatter who specializes in that sort of work.

Ebook Formatting


We can produce files for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and the iBookstore. We charge an hourly rate of $30 to create ebook files. Generally, a full-length novel of between 80K and 100K takes about two to three hours to format. As of July 1, 2012, we no longer format Word .doc files for Smashwords. There are plenty of tutorials on the Smashwords site and on the Web to guide you through the process.


Please note that, as with print formatting, we only format fiction and narrative nonfiction. If your project has charts, tables, images (beyond an author photo or map), etc., then you will need to find a formatter who specializes in that type of project.


The manuscript delivered for formatting must be the final product. If you wish to make textual changes after the book has already been formatted, those changes will be billed at our regular rate of $30/hour, and only if there is sufficient time in our schedule to make the changes.

Boxed Sets


Are you bundling a series and need an image for a boxed set? We can create 3D images to help boost your sales. Boxed-set images are $40.


Web Graphics


Need a banner ad to promote your newest book? Want an eye-catching cover image for your Facebook page?  We can provide web-ready graphics for as low as $25.


Miscellaneous Graphics


We can also create business cards, postcards, packaging graphics for media such as CDs and DVDs, and more. If you don't see what you need, please use our Contact Form to drop us a note.

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