What types of payment do you accept?


We prefer PayPal (which will allow you to use either a credit card or your bank account), but we will also take money orders. For projects over $100, we bill half up front, with the remainder due on completion of the project. Otherwise, we require payment in advance.


I only need to have my manuscript copyedited. Do I have to pay extra for a publishing package?


Absolutely not. We offer packages as a way for indie authors and publishers to get the most value for their money, but you are in no way under any obligation to purchase more than you feel you need.


I’m only purchasing graphic design services. Do you proofread those projects (such as posters or Web graphics) as well?


We won’t release any files without checking to make sure the copy is error-free. All graphic design work includes a final proofread because there usually isn’t a lot of verbiage involved. If you have us produce a copy-heavy project such as a newsletter or catalogue, we would bill you separately for any proofreading/copyediting it might require. Concerns such as this will always be covered when we provide you with an estimate for your project.


Can you create web images from a cover I provide?


In most cases, yes. It’s helpful if you can provide us with the native Photoshop (.psd) file so we have the best control over the final results.


Can you create a wraparound print cover from an ebook cover I provide?


Generally, most of the time we can, as long as you have a high-resolution .jpg of the ebook cover that's at least 6x9 inches at 300 dpi. Again, it’s best if you can provide us with the native Photoshop (.psd) file, since print requirements are more rigorous than ebook requirements, and we may have to move the text or other elements around to ensure that the file doesn't throw up a red flag as it goes through the printer's submission process.


How do I know that your electronic files are formatted correctly for Kindle, Nook, or iBooks?


We have experience creating files for all these platforms, and have rigorously tested our file output to make sure it’s as clean as possible. If you should ever experience any issues with the electronic files we give you, we will create new files and send them to you at no extra charge.


Why should I worry about purchasing interior text layout? Can’t I do pretty much the same thing in Word?


Not really. Word is a word-processing program; it is not set up for the kind of precise text management that desktop-publishing programs such as InDesign or Quark XPress provide. A word processor is unable to make delicate adjustments in kerning and tracking so that text on a page looks clean and evenly spaced. Also, if you have any images you need inserted in your text, it’s much more difficult to achieve visually appealing text wrapping when using a word-processing program.


I’m confused. If I pay you to edit and design my book, isn’t that the same thing as vanity publishing?


Absolutely not. If you use our company for any of its services, whether editorial or design, you are exercising your rights as an independent author/publisher. We do not sell ISBNs, and we do not expect a portion of your royalties once your book is in the marketplace. Indie Author Services is simply an independent contractor you hire to provide certain production services. Once we’re finished with your project, you will receive all files related to that project. They’re your property, because you’ve paid for them.


Vanity publishers sell complete book packages, it’s true, but they retain control of the cover images and interior text. They also deduct a royalty for each book sold. And they tend to charge premium prices because they have the sort of overhead that smaller independent contractors such as Indie Author Services simply don’t.


I don’t know anything about printing. Will you help me with that side of the project?


We will offer advice and support throughout the production process. We pride ourselves on producing the cleanest print-ready files so there are no “surprises” when you get to the end of your project. If you’re using a local printer for a graphic design project, we’ll send the files directly if you prefer. For those of you who are producing print books, we’ve worked with the three largest providers — Lightning Source, CreateSpace, and Lulu — and will create files that match those printers’ press-ready file requirements.





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