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"[Indie Author Services] just finished my first cover—super-fast turnaround! And I love it! They did a great job, and hit it right on with the first one. Thanks!"—Cate Dean, author of When Walls Can Talk and the Claire Wiche Chronicles

"Indie Author Services has created a stunning cover for the Drunk On the Moon anthology that I curated. I placed a photograph of said cover across myriad social media in the hope of creating a pre-publication buzz—and it really, really did! The feedback was overwhelmingly and unanimously favorable."—Paul D. Brazill, author of Guns of Brixton

"Behind every successful writer there’s a really good editor, and with Indie Author Services, you get a really good editor. I wouldn’t take a book to market without taking it to Indie Author Services first."
—Katherine Tomlinson, author of Toxic Reality and L.A. Nocturne

"Indie Author Services has been able to handle everything...including all my esoteric questions, and provided excellent covers, conversion to multiple platforms, and expert handling of my often stringent requirements."—Jonathan C. Gillespie, author of The Tyrant Strategy: Revenant Man


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